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Source: The Charles Gosse collection


Aviation Prints

          Source: http://www.clan-photography.co.uk


Source: Aces High Gallery

Source: Air Art Northwest

Source: Flower of Scotland Gallery



Source: The Genealogical Services Yearbook

Medals - for researchers and collectors of Orders, Decorations and Medals awarded by British Commonwealth countries

Source: www.medal.net


Source: Modern British Army Website

Source: Regiments - Land Forces of Britain, the Empire & Commonwealth Website

Source: Modern Royal Air Force Website

Source: WORLD WAR TWO Ex Royal Air Force Website - Reuniting Old WW2 Ex RAF Friends and Lost Pals

Military Photographs

Source: 19th Century British & Indian Armies and their Soldiers

Military Societies, not included in other categories

Source: Forces Postal History Society Website

Source: Orders and Medals Research Society Website

Source: Scottish Military Historical Society Website

Source: Victorian Military Society Website


Source: Imperial War Museum

Source: Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop

Source: Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton

Source: R.A.F. Museum, Hendon



Source: Public Record Office Website

World War One

Source: Cross & Cockade International - W.W.1 Aviation Website

Source: Over the Front -League of W.W.1 Aviation Historians Website

Source: The Aerodrome - W.W.1 Aviation Website

Source: The British Army in the Great War

Source: Old Contemptible's Great War Website

Source: Trenches on the Web

Source: In the Trenches - Soldier's Experience in World War One

Source: Patrick Wilson's 100 Sqn, R.F.C. Website

Source: Western Front Association.

Source: Early Aviation books - available as on-line book


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Source: R.F.C., R.N.A.S., R.A.F. Register 1914 - 1919


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